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  • bedding quilts and bespread feng shui
    January 6, 2024 Adam Feinstein

    Feng Shui and Your Bedroom: Aligning Your Bedding with Positive Energy

    "Feng Shui Your Bedroom: Bedding Edition!"

    Discover the secrets of Feng Shui to transform your bedroom into a harmonious sanctuary. Our latest blog post dives into how the right bedding can positively influence your sleep space's energy flow. Learn how to choose calming colors, cozy fabrics, and auspicious patterns to invite serenity and balance into your bedroom. Whether you're maneuvering your mattress into the "command position" or seeking patterns that tell a story, our guide has got you covered. Embrace the principles of Feng Shui and make your bedroom a haven of restful vibes. Read now for tips on creating a sleep sanctuary aligned with the ancient art of Feng Shui!

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  • quilted bedspread bedding
    May 19, 2023 Jackie M

    Bedspreads and Quilts VS. Coverlets and Comforters - How different are they?

    Diving into the world of bedding can feel like learning a new language. Fret not! Here's your quick guide: 'Bedspreads' are the jack-of-all-trades; 'Comforters' are your cozy teddy bears; 'Quilts' are lightweight and vibrant, doubling as decor; and 'Coverlets' are the versatile final touch. Find your bedding soulmate and sleep in style and comfort. Bedspreads and Quilts VS. Coverlets and Comforters - How different are they?
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