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Feng Shui and Your Bedroom: Aligning Your Bedding with Positive Energy

As any feng shui practitioner will tell you, bed placement matters when arranging your bedroom for optimal energy flow. But we can’t forget about bedding! Your fabric choices impact the vibe too.

So how do you know which colors, patterns and textiles make the feng shui cut? We’re breaking down the principles to help you refresh your bedding and invite positive chi into your sleep sanctuary. Get ready to maneuver your mattress into the “command position,” then layer on some auspicious sheets. Let’s do this.


Stick to Soothing, Earthy Hues

When it comes to feng shui bedding colors, think zen garden palette - sandy tans, pale greens, cream, light blue. Natural tones create a peaceful, grounded feel. Pro tip: If you’re having trouble choosing a color, just look down at the floor and match your hardwood tone. Yes, your bedroom carpet can actually guide your bedding selection.

Cotton, Premium Microfiber for Literal and Metaphorical Warmth

Nothing says cozy like natural fabrics, or the ones with natural feeling. Materials that generate warmth – think hygge vibes. Pro tip: To up the coziness even more, look for stone-washed or pre-washed fabrics and cottons. The extra softness feels like a soothing embrace.

Seek Out Auspicious Motifs

For pattern inspiration, look to motifs considered lucky in feng shui. Floral prints with peach blossoms, peonies, orchids or chrysanthemums invite prosperity and abundance. Bamboo prints represent strength and resilience. Chinese characters and calligraphy bring wisdom. Pro tip: Landscape scenes with mountains, rivers or forests connect you to the earth's grounding energy. Overall, patterns should have a calm, organized flow.


Layer in Harmony

With feng shui, it’s all about layers creating a synergistic, welcoming environment. Mix and match bedding pieces like sheets, coverlets, shams and throws in coordinating colors and fabrics. Pro tip: Add natural textures like bamboo cushions, rattan laundry baskets and jute rugs for an earthy layered look.

There you have it - a feng shui crash course on choosing bedding with soothing hues, natural fabrics, and serene patterns to invite restful energy into your bedroom. Sleep easy knowing you’re aligned with positive chi. Need more guidance? Check out Dada Bedding’s extensive selection of bedding curated according to feng shui principles. Sweet dreams!

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