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Duvet, Duvet Covers vs. Fitted and Flat Sheets - How different are they?

Duvet, Duvet Covers vs. Fitted and Flat Sheets - How different are they?

As a customer, I'm sure you're wondering as you scroll through bedding categories and notice the terms "Duvet and Duvet Covers", "Fitted and Flat Sheets." You sit and wonder what they all mean and what are the differences between all these varying types of bedding when all you are looking for is either sheets or a cover? You may also wonder if you even need any of these bedding items for your bedroom?

Each product that I mentioned above all have their own purpose and are different from one another in varying ways, which I will discuss in detail below....


Let's start with....

  • Duvet or Comforter

A duvet and comforter have so many similarities and here are the many reasons, one being that both a duvet and comforter are medium to thick weighted bedding covers, filled different kinds of materials. Both are super comfy and will keep you warm during colder seasons. In most cases, you will only find a duvet cover which you need to insert a duvet filler or basic white comforter inside the duvet cover to create that thick and fluffy comforter look. Overall, there is no wrong answer, in western culture (United States) it is more common to call it a comforter than a duvet.

Duvet covers are designed in many patterns and color schemes, which is great for people that want to change it up every so often. Unlike comforters, most are specific designs with embroidery or textured patterns that are created to be shown off and not inside a duvet cover.

a white comforter on a bed


  • Duvet Covers

The duvet and duvet covers go hand in hand since the cover is what protects the duvet. Some covers will have zippers, threaded ties or buttons to close the duvet cover securely to keep the duvet or comforter inside. You can mix and match, choose from a wide range of patterns and designs with duvet covers to create the unique look & style that you want in your bedroom. 

Another good example would be if you wanted to decorate your accent pillows, you would need throw pillow covers to protect and place over the pillow itself. 

You can easily remove and place on duvet covers, as well as convenient cleaning instructions just like washing bed sheets.



  • Fitted Sheets

So now think of the accessories of the mattress, the fitted sheet would be the mattress's cover in order to protect the top side and match with a similar style of a duvet cover or flat sheet. A fitted sheet will fit securely around the edges of your mattress, usually elastic is around the fitted sheet to protect it from slipping off and it stretches to reach around each corner and side for a cleaner look. 

The fitted sheet's purpose is to protect the mattress and add pattern and style for a clean and finished look.



  • Flat Sheets

The flat sheet will tie in and put the whole look together with a matching fitted sheet. It is a flat sheet that lays on top of the fitted sheet which is layered under any time of bedding blanket you wish. You can choose to layer a throw blanket, comforter, bedspread or quilt set over the flat sheet which gives you extra warmth.

You are not obligated to use a flat sheet with your bedding but it is nice and welcoming if it is a design that matches your fitted sheet to have a well put together bed. 

You can purchase fitted sheets and flat sheets as a set or even separately if you only need one or the other and may not want them to match. 



There are plenty of ways to decorate and express your style through bedding, so you don't have to worry if you are still having difficulty figuring out what you may need in order to create the best bedding structure for you! :) 

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Courtney - February 28, 2022

This was very good, It was very informative. When I started reading I only knew what a fitted sheet and flat sheet were. Thank you very much as well as for putting together this information, It’s well written, a easy read and easy to understand. Thank you ever much and God bless your days to come, starting with today.

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