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What is the difference between a King vs. California King mattress size?

What is the difference between a King vs. California King mattress size?

Finding the best suited mattress size for your bedroom can be tricky but it also depends on how much room you are willing to spare in your bedroom and your body height.

There can be some tricky assumptions when trying to differentiate between King and Cal King and comparing the width and length.

Just like with Twin and Twin XL, it can be assumed that with King and Cal King - Cal King is obviously larger in width and in length since it is a one up in size. The same can go for Twin XL.

The one thing to remember is that with the Twin XL, it is longer in length but same in width, while the California King is longer in length but narrower in width. 


  • The standard size for a King size would generally be around 108 inches in width and 100 inches in length. (108" W x 100" L)
  • The standard size for a Cal King size would generally be around 102 inches in width and 106 inches in length. (102" W x 106" L)
  •  When trying to find bedding sheets, blankets, comforters or quilts, the measurements do not need to match with the dimensions of your mattress due to for example bed-sheets need more space to wrap around the mattress while quilts need to be longer in length and wider in width so that it can fall over the mattress fully horizontally and vertically. It all depends on how you want your bedding accessories to look once placed on your mattress. 
  • For example if you own a Queen size mattress and interested in purchasing a new blanket but are not sure which size would be best since you want it to cover all sides and even more, it would be best to try a size up. a King size would definitely add a little extra length and width if you are willing to pay the extra amount.
Mattress Size Comparison Chart 
  • This size comparison chart clearly shows the size differences between all six mattress sizes so that you can easily understand which bed-sheet, quilt, coverlet, comforter is best and will fit to your liking.

DaDa Bedding Bed of Wildflowers Floral Bedspread Set 




    • A great tip before purchasing a new bedspread or comforter would be to measure the width and length of your mattress just so you know what to look for in dimensions to match what you need in a bedspread. In the image above, the quilt is hanging long and covering all sides of the bed which makes it look visually appealing. 

    We sincerely hope this was a helpful guide on the differences between King and California King sizes in mattresses and how to choose the right bedding accessories for your bed. 

    Please feel free to browse a variety of bedding on our site varying from fitted to flat bed-sheets, from bed-skirts, quilts, soft and warm throw blankets and puffy comforters!


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