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Bedding - What is Poplin Cotton? - Bed Sheets

Bedding - What is Poplin Cotton? - Bed Sheets

  • What is Poplin Cotton?

 Poplin cotton is just one of the many other types of cotton that can be created by using multiple materials in one towards clothing and bedding.

It is tightly woven plain weave fabric which makes us feel smooth, thin and shiny. Poplin fabric contains 100% cotton and it's cool, comfortable and breathable hence it can also be called as cotton poplin.


  • What is Poplin Cotton used for?

The Europeans began to be used to make Women's clothing and overall business attire like uniforms, button up shirts, for its durable & lightweight material, etc. Poplin cotton is a universal material that can be used for clothing, bedding, embroidery, and home decor drapery.



  • What is great about Poplin Cotton?
  1.  Breathable Material
  2. Keeps you cool during the warmer season
  3. Soft enough to use as clothing and bed sheets
  4. Does not wrinkle easily
  5. Lightweight & Durable
  6. Light sheen look
  7. Soft to the touch



  • What is not so great about Poplin Cotton?
  1.  Is not the best to keep heat in.
  2. Too lightweight during the winter.



  • What was the history of Poplin Cotton?

Poplin was first manufactured in the papal town of Avington around the 14th century and because of that the word ‘poplin’ came from Italian name 'Papalino.'

During the Second World War, poplin fabrics had been used on fronts because of its comfort, durability and crisp uniformity. Poplin fabric made of cotton is smooth and soft. Poplin is a heavy weight fabric and its highly durable. It wrinkles less. 


  • How does Poplin Cotton feel like?

Poplin cotton feels soft with its 100% cotton material and silk texture.

It is a crisp feeling material light and durable enough to last a long time on your bed.


  • What other materials are used to create Poplin Cotton?

Poplin cotton was created by a wide range of other materials using silk yarn and thick wool. Today that has changed and it is now created with 100% cotton but it can also depend on the product that is being made and what materials will work best for its purpose.

Since Poplin cotton was first introduced to be used with clothing, it is more common to use a multitude of materials instead of just cotton like in bedding. 




  •  How do I wash and take care of Poplin Cotton?

Machine washing poplin cotton should be just as easy as washing any other type of cotton/fabric. Just be sure to:

  1. Machine Wash in Cold Water 
  2. Do not use bleach
  3. Tumble Dry in a Low setting
  4. Remove promptly
  5. You can line dry if needed!


Overall, the fitted sheets pictured below are made with 100% Poplin Cotton which creates a soft and durable fabric to use as bedding decor in your bedroom. Each set includes one fitted sheet and 1-2 Pillow cases (Twin size includes 1)


DaDa Bedding Luxury Gallery of Roses Fitted Sheet & Pillow Cases Set


DaDa Bedding Luxury Dark Elegance Soft Fitted Sheet & Pillow Cases Set


We hope this information gives you more insight into what poplin cotton really is and its back story!

Thank you for reading.


 By: DaDa Bedding Collection

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