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How To: Buying Guide on Finding the Right Throw Blanket - Fleece Flannel Blankets & Throws - Part: II

How To: Buying Guide on Finding the Right Throw Blanket - Fleece Flannel Blankets & Throws - Part: II

DaDalogy Bedding Collection wants to serve our customers the best and finest materials of throw blankets so that you can enjoy the comfort and warmth our blankets are created for.

Here is a guide on how to find the best suited blanket for easy comfort on your bed, sofa, living room and even for outdoor uses like in your RV, camping and lounging on your patio.

Throw blankets are also a unique and lovely gift to give to close friends, family members and loved ones.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of throw blankets, please click on the different categories listed below.

  • Faux Fur - Cruelty free fur material which are much softer than real fur. 
  • Flannel - Best at heat insulation and not easily damaged.
  • Sherpa - Cruelty free Sherpa made of microfiber and usually used on the back of some throw blankets.

Fleece blankets are breathable and lighter to carry around for travel or sleeping over. Fleece blankets are thin and lightweight for easy storage compared to our thicker Faux Fur throw blankets.

Fleece Flannel blankets are usually made up of microfiber, polyester or cotton and most of our flannel blankets consist of microfiber and polyester. 






    We hope our throw blankets purchasing guide helps any of you in finding the right blanket for your friends, family and yourself.  

    Our luxurious throw blankets will keep you warm during winter and all year round seasons. 

    - DaDalogy Bedding Collection 

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