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❄ Throw Blankets To Keep You Warm For The Winter Season! ❄

Hello again~

All of our throw blankets are made from Polyester Faux Fur (NOT REAL) for the safety of animals. :")

Each throw blanket has a super soft Sherpa back and fa= fur on the front for extra warmth and comfort. 

The material may be medium to light weight but once underneath these cozy blankets, you won't feel any cold go in at all. They work best when you are tucked in for bedding usage or just as a casual couch blanket is perfectly fine, too. 

Here are a few of our highest quality and most popular throw blankets that we sell. ^..^ (Please click on the photos for a direct link to the item listing)

DaDa Super Soft Warm Luxury White Roses White Faux Fur with Sherpa Throw Blanket From Tache, 50 x 60 - 63 x 87

  $41.99 to $49.99

The White Roses throw blanket is our #1 pick from our customers and the Rose name comes from the design is etched with a smooth swirly white rose print. Making this blanket a very romantic gift to give to someone. :")


DaDa Super Soft Cow Print Sherpa Throw Blanket From Tache / 63x87


The super soft cow printed blanket is self explanatory, it is extremely soft and warm but for those  cow lovers that enjoy the print and design of the texture, this would be perfect for you in the winter time. 



DaDa Super Soft Luxury Brown Loose Layer Faux Fur Throw Blanket From Tache / 50x60 or 63x87


$37.30 to $45.81

The luxurious chocolate brown throw blanket has an interesting dark to light brown striped design as shown in the photograph giving it an elegant appeal for your bed or couch. As well as the supreme softness of the Sherpa backing and Faux fur on the front side. 

DaDa Luxury Brown Wooded River Faux Fur Throw Blanket from Tache / 50x60 or 63x87

The brown wooded throw blanket shares the same softness and warmth as all of the other throw blankets but it keeps a simple and sophisticated design for your household. 

DaDa Super Soft Luxury Chinchilla Ivory Faux Fur Throw Blanket From Tache / 50x60 or 63x87

$41.03 to $50.39

The Chinchilla blanket has these geometric oval shapes almost like abstract roses printed on the front blanket giving it a unique and elegant design. As well as the extremely soft and warm texture.


I hope this helped some of you with our throw blanket section and the variety of different shades and textures that we carry for a perfect gift to give out next year. Thank you and have a happy holiday! 



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