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How to Seal Color In: Steps to Color Fasting your Bedding

How to Seal Color In: Steps to Color Fasting your Bedding

When purchasing a brand new bedspread, sheets set, or even a throw blanket, you may want to think about color fasting your bedding prior to use.

Best recommended to wash your bedding before use to ensure they are 100% clean and safe to use.

Color fasting can prevent your bedding and clothes from dye bleeding which can ruin the vibrancy and color designs on the fabric. 

    •  Wash Bedding Prior to Use: It can be exciting to pick out a brand new comforter or sheets set and wanting to use them right away, but pause for a moment and decide to place it in the wash prior to use. This simple task can help prevent color fading or leaking from the fabric but also making sure the product is clean and ready to be placed on your bed. 
    • Baking Soda & Detergent: You can still utilize your household detergent by adding 1/2 cup of baking soda mixed into your wash for a natural method in brightening your bedding & clothing. 
        • Avoid Extreme Heat: Try to not use hot water or extreme heat when drying bedding as this can dry out the fabric and color you have been trying so hard to keep bright and vibrant. Avoid heat on any material which can have varying results, for example: Cotton can shrink & fade, Polyester can melt & fade if exposed to high heat. 
        • Allow to Air Dry: The safest method in protecting fabric and color of your bedding is to allow it to air dry for a few hours or a whole day. Keep away from intense sunlight as this will cause color fading and the opposite of what you want to achieve in brightening your bedding. As a consumer, taking these pre-cautionary steps prior to washing your bedding & clothes will display great results and increase the longevity of the product. Then using less heat than normal to receive the best color results. 


        Our Romantic Roses Floral Sheets design would be an example of how bright and vibrant the dyes and design are displaying over a white background. By following these steps, this will ensure all colors continue to thrive and look their best after each wash/dry. 


        Blog Credit goes to: Embassy Cleaners
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