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DaDa Bedding 'Her Ladies in Waiting' Spanish Party Classical French Rococo Woven Tapestry Wall Hanging - 36" x 50"

by DaDa Bedding Collection
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A beautiful and intricately designed piece to add to any home for a touch of simplicity and comfort. Our tapestries will transform your home, doesn’t matter what room, into something completely different and unique with royalty and intricate designs covering your walls. Please enjoy our tapestries as they were woven and designed for your home to be lived and loved by. 
  • Beautiful and intricate stitched detailing on woven tapestry
  • Multi-Purpose and Versatile Use Tapestry 
  • Product Type: Wall Decor
  • Original Artwork: 'Her Ladies in Waiting' credit to Franz Xaver Winterhalter
  • Wall Decor Product Type: Woven Tapestries
  • Model: 11630
  • Easy to Hang Home Decor
  • Brand: DaDa Bedding Collection
  • Included - 1-Piece 36" x 50" Wall Hanging Tapestry
  • 36" W x 50" L - with top loops & border
  • 46" L - without loops
  • 29" W x 38" L - without border


      • Face: 45% Cotton   55% Polyester
      • Back: 35% Cotton   65% Polyester


      Washing Care Instructions
      • Machine wash in gentle/lowest cycle with cold water and line to air dry.
      • Do not bleach, do not tumble dry and do not iron.