♥Fairy Forest Glade Quilt Appreciation Post! ♥


Happy New Years, Everyone!


One of our Amazon customers purchased one of our newest Quilt Sets, the multi colored patch worked Fairy Forest Glade quilt set. I just wanted to include her review and also a photo that this customer included in her review, as well! Just for future records for our customers to see what our products look like in real life. :")

Here is her review: (You can click on it to be led directly to the quilt page)



It looks great in her bedroom! Yes it is indeed a very colorful quilt but it can suit even the most simplistic bedrooms to give it a flash of color, if that's what you are looking for, of course!

I hope this has helped anyone that has been interested in purchasing this quilt set, and any of our other quilt sets, for that matter! We are more than glad to take extra photos of our products for our customers just send us an email at orders@dadabc.com ! Thanks!


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